Living on the west coast of Canada, I guess a lot my pictures are bound to have water featured in them. 

I’ve been taking pictures for many years now, purely for the love of it.  And when I go outside, I find myself constantly looking at everything around me, including lighting, colours, shapes, repeating or asymmetrical patterns, shadows, and reflections.

The challenge of course, is to take take a picture of something that’s been shot many times before, but to find the right angle or lighting that makes it still interesting for the viewer.

I love automotive photography for picking up the fine details, and the way that light plays off of the shiny curved surfaces. 

Night photography is another passion. During long time exposures, camera sensors do a great job of picking up light that our eyes don’t see, often resulting in surreal scenes.

I don’t believe that photos need to be perfect. They don’t even have to be focused, straight, or properly exposed. They are at their very best when they simply make you wish that you were there.

On the technical side, I use a Nikon D810 (36 megapixel, full-frame DSLR) with three basic lenses: a 20mm wide angle lens, a 70-300mm zoom, and a Sigma 85mm Art lens. All of my photos are single-frame shots (no Photoshop composites). I use Adobe Lightroom almost exclusively for cropping, selective dodge & burn, and adjustments to color. 

Please contact me if you have photographic needs or ideas in mind.

Rob Plenert  – ‘asviewedfrommars’

Vancouver, British Columbia